Doodles to Create Calm

I am grateful to have you here.

Below I am 100% transparent of how I was allowing a situation to create a lot of stress for me one day….and what I finally did to create some peace and calm.

Creative Doodles are a wonderful way of bringing your mind back to a peaceful space. Stress is the emotion felt when something happens that is out of our control. Our mind begins to race, trying to find a solution. That is when the “stories” begin in our heads. You know, the story that sounds accurate…but later you find out is not.

I have found that if I will sit and draw using only lines and geometric shapes I can settle myself down, and bring myself back into the present moment. 

I created this journal page one day when I was REALLY FRUSTRATED. Did I tell you I was frustrated? For several hours I fought sitting down and doing this simple exercise. Finally, I made myself sit down and when I was finished I felt totally relaxed.  Why?

That’s because it is really hard to draw a nice circle or shape when you are filled with negative emotion.

When I began drawing the circles, they were miss-shaped and that made me more frustrated. So, I had a little talk with myself as I sat and drew.

I told myself that I would have to put the problem on a shelf and bring my mind into total focus. I had to stop dwelling on what was not going right and allow my right side of the brain to take over.

It did not happen all at once. But, as I took a few deep breaths and directed my mind, I was able to relax and create circles that were actually round instead of ovals. 

That is the trick. Breath and direct your mind! Why breath? Oxygen makes the muscles relax. The breathing helped me to relax to that I could draw with more ease.

Now, you can follow along with this video as we make this journal page together. It is at a fast speed, but you can stop the recording and make the shapes.