DIY Stress Release Quick Video

This one technique has been a wonderful blessing for our family.

Remember do not use while driving or using any kind of work or equipment that requires your attention. By using this technique you take full responsibility.

I have found that using this daily, as situations arise, has help me to relax more and not be bothered as easily.

Tell me the process again

* You begin by looking straight forward off into the distance.  Begin to move your eyes only from side to side.

* As you are doing this you can also say, “Release (state the emotion that you are feeling at the moment)”, while you are moving your eyes back and forth 3 times.

* Stop and take 3 deep cleansing breaths….in through your nose and out through your mouth.

* Then close your eyes tightly and open repeating 2 more times.

* Now you can asses the level of anxiousness you are feeling.  The scale starts at 10 which is how you felt the moment right before you started the process. And the numbers 2,1 or zero represent that the uneasy feelings have dropped tremendously and you are feeling more relaxed.

I would repeat the very same process several times until I felt that I could say my feeling of stress had dropped down to a lower number from where it had originally started.
  • I have known clients who dropped slower…about one number at a time.  We continued to repeat the process over and over until they felt that it had dropped significantly.  Each situation is different, so be patient and run the process.

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