Details, Printing Tips & FAQ’s

File Types

Most of our files are printable PDF’s that you either fussy cut, or use some of our favorite punches to punch them out.


Refund Policy for Digital Designs

Due to the nature of digital files, they are NOT refundable, returnable, transferable or resellable. Once they have been purchased. Your purchase will constitute an agreement to these terms. Please contact BEFORE you purchase if you have questions about this policy.


Downloading Files

After purchase, you will receive a link for the printable AND an email with a link as well. Download your printable from either link and be sure to SAVE your printable to your computer BEFORE printing. You can also download any of your files from your downloads section of our website.


Printing Tips.

  • Use a printer that is hard wired to your device rather than printing over the wifi network.
  • Give the page time to load and print, with some setups it can take several minutes for this process to occur.

Method 2 

  1. Take your files on a flash drive to a print shop like Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Sir Speedy, Kinkos/FedEx, etc. and have them print and cut the entire file for you. They can give you paper options to choose from as well.

Travelers Notebook:

  • The TN covers have been designed as two pieces intentionally.
  • Print on 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper. Trim each cover and then paste to the front and back of your TN insert using glue stick. Finish the seam with washi and clear packing tape for extra protection OR just the clear packing tape.

Letter Size:

  • Some printers can print borderless (with no white border around the image). If you have this type of printer, you can choose to print on letter size cardstock or sticker paper (if covering a notebook cover).
  • Since most printers do not have this borderless option, it is recommended you take the printable file to a professional printer and have them print your letter size file on 11 x 17 paper for a FULL BLEED (this will ensure the design has no white border around the edge). You or they can trim the design afterwards and it will be an accurate letter-size cover.
  • If you are making a discbound planner, it is also recommended you have the covers laminated by the printer with 10 mil lamination. This will make your cover SUPER sturdy. You can punch afterwards with your discbound punch.
  • If you don’t mind a white border around the cover, print on regular 8.5 x 11” at home, then laminate and punch for your discbound planner.
  • You can also print to full-size label sheets in your print to apply on letter-size notebook covers. This is a great technique if you want to recover an existing notebook and can recoil it.


Copyright and Details on Personal Use Only Policy

These files are for personal use only.

A lot of love and resources goes into my designs. Please help me preserve my copyright and income by not sharing or distributing this file with others or use this file for any reason other than personal. This includes not using the designs for resale or in projects you intend to sell. Please do not alter files. Files may not be sold given away transferred or in any other way provided to others without written permission of Real Positive Change.

Please contact us at if you see my designs being shared or posted by others, or if you have any questions about their use.


File Type for Printables

Our printables are all delivered in PDF format. The PDF is the most universal file format available and is easy to print from. PDF files allow any computer to read and print a file as it was originally designed.

If you need the FREE reader for opening and viewing your PDF file, click here to download:



If you should encounter a printing issue for some reason, here are the top fixes

  • Use an official Adobe product to print from, like Adobe Reader
  • Hook your printer directly to your PC. Sometimes the Wifi can really mess up your prints.
  • Give the page some time to load. Sometimes it can take a minute or two for the file to load.
  • lease visit the Adobe page which includes FAQ’s and troubleshooting for PDF
  • Last but not least check out Adobe official printing tips: Because of the variations of printers, computers, software, drivers (and the list goes on and on), we are unable to offer tech support, but we suggest you visit this page for the most common issues and answers.

This document and rules are subject to change without notice