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 Albert Einstein once said, 

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Thoughts, like habits, become automatic once they settle into our subconscious.  Take for example getting dressed in the morning, you do not stop to think which pant leg you will put on first.  No, you just do it automatically.  The same with eating, driving and other activities that have become part of your subconscious thinking.  All of these activities are second nature to us because they have become programmed in the mind.  So is the same of our attitudes and thoughts.

Studies suggest that more than 75% of our daily activities are regulated by the subconscious mind.


A thought that is repeatedly focus on over and over soon becomes a habit.  Advantageous is the conscious practice of determining whether one’s thought habits are producing success, and a positive outcome. Everyone wants to be successful; however, only those individuals who take on the responsible actions of planning and creating positive, mental thought programs, conceive their desired outcomes.  

An occasional moment of worry is not foreign to even the successful. However, allowing oneself to constantly worry is what creates the unproductive, “habit of worry“.  Those who find themselves stuck and unable to find a solution when situations become troublesome or negative, have settled into a habit of worry or similar negative thought.


I have designed Cre8 Reminders© to be a quick, easy system for recognizing possible thought habits that have a negative affect on our abilities and actions.  Once an unproductive thought is acknowledged, you can now redirect your thinking through a simple process of creating a reminder, that when focused on, will defeat and delete the unproductive thought pattern.




A Free Poster.

My gift to your as a free reminder each day to make a plan and design your thoughts.


Set a Higher Standard

I find it amazing how an eagle knows when a storm is approaching, long before it breaks. The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, the eagle sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring high above it. The eagle does not escape the storm, it simply uses the storm to lift it higher. How? It rises on the winds that bring the storm.

Growth, improvement, change…all come from setting a higher standard; not for others, but for ourself. A consistent effort, and focused thought opens up the possibilities of becoming better today, than you were yesterday. The competition is against no one, but rather a desire to become better. It’s not a race of perfection. Rather, it’s an upward, movement of creating change that is real and brings positive results.

Cre8 Reminders© simply focuses you on the right path for your goals. It keeps your mind on track, and changes any beliefs that have, or could hold you back.

How ?

Words can either lift, or lower your state of mind, similar to the sound and frequency of music.  To logically think of solutions, and to feel motivated, all starts with they type of thoughts you mind is pondering.

Ever notice how????

  • low frequency words, like worry, afraid, etc. will trap your mind in a looping process of going over the same thoughts and ideas? These thoughts keep circling, and circling until you are either all stressed out, or give up.
  • high frequency carry a positive lift, like the ray of a sunbeam, that allows your thought process to move forward. You find it easier to listen to promptings and figure-out a solution.

Cre8 Reminders© uses a cataloging system to make the effort of locating them, easy and simple.

A system that clears the fog & start creating again.

Cre8 Reminders is simple enough that you can do it on your own. It is quick, and easy to fit into your daily routine. An easy self-care that builds the energy and stamina to maintain your motivational fire for goal achievement.


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I use this process in part of my coaching. Here are the Experiences of Others:

“After just a few minutes of working with Cathy, my whole world started shifting. Fear and doubt were replaced by light and confidence, and these changed lasted not just for that moment, but continuously. Cathy is an incredible intuitive and gifted professional, and she has a unique ability to “feel” with her clients that opens doors from them that nothing else could in the same way. She has done so for me. I recommend that you take advantage of any opportunity to connect with Cathy. You will be glad you did!” Emily Black


“I’ve had a huge shift in perspective in the last hour and I know what I need to do to move forward with my life…to find more joy and be more Me. I have so much more hope.  It’s moved a joyful life into the present, instead of it being this elusive thing “out there” that I felt could only come until I’m in an ideal relationship. Thank you!!!”  Marnie Pehrson – Ignite

This is just a portion of the amazing personal affirmation that Marnie prepared from one coaching call session “I let down my guard and resistance, embrace the possibilities, and show the true me. I’m always safely guided and am open to others showing me the way. I live in a state of continuous flow, absorbing everything I need and allowing abundance to flow through me out to bless others. I speak and act fearlessly, courageously and truthfully from the heart. I let go of resistance or stubbornness and am easily able to neutralize the negative or lethargic effects of other people’s energy. I trust my gut and my inner knowing. My ears are open to hearing and my eyes to seeing. I pick up on cues, acknowledge and trust them — especially when interacting with others. I easily discern between the righteous and unrighteous. I understand and accept others and their agency. I use my senses to intuitively gather information and I am safe. I am tuned to the perfect frequencies for me and am attracting into my life the spouse who is in perfect harmony with my perfectly balanced heart tones….”


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