Cre8 Reminders© Workshop


I’ve learned in the scriptures that Jesus Christ developed in all areas of His life.

Luke 2:52 teaches that in His youth “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

WELLBEING is creating a balance in these four areas:

  1. Spiritually (favor with God)
  2. Socially (favor with man)
  3. Physically (stature) and
  4. Intellectually (wisdom)

The Workshop is crafted around these four areas.

Online Workshop OPENS again in March

Light the Way for Change 2020 is an online workshop designed to inspire you with ideas, tools, and skills around these four important areas of personal development. The workshop is fashioned to help you establish more creativity as a form of relaxation, as well as record-keeping, to support your personal development routine.

Are you looking for more balance this year? For an individual to establish a sense of Wellbeing and Balance in their life, they must access the gifts of both sides of their brain. The left side focuses on details, so when you are planning and organizing you are accessing the benefits of the left side, but when you add creativity you jump over to your right side of the brain. Both sides are important for success. The key is to maintain balance which only comes from the ability to move back and forth rather than stay on one side or the other. My goal is to help you set your goals in motion as you apply the left side by planning out the details and then enhance those plans with the creativity inspired by your right side.

To maintain the enthusiasm and the momentum for any goal, one must keep a constant supply of energy and vitality, which is why this workshop is created with a good mixture of fun and learning. I will always bring you back to the importance of combining self-care and creativity.

One of my creative notebook pages….

In this workshop, our primary focus is to spark the flow of creativity with fresh teaching content that is uploaded each week to the online classroom. You will build a Creative Notebook filled with ideas, tools and simple creative projects to keep a record of your progress. It will be a fun way to keep a record of your own personal development.

We will build a Creative Notebook filled with ideas and tools.

A new video will be available each week which will introduce a new skill or different way to cultivate your creativity with an emphasis on one of these four areas of development. We can meet together LIVE throughout these four weeks and you will have an opportunity to share your work with the rest of the community through a private facebook page. Our main activity will be to develop this creative notebook. You will be given downloads and instructions to guide you every step of the way.

The key to successful change is to navigate the negative stuff…you know, the frustrations of life that can easily take you off course and stop progress. Having a good routine to navigate the negative is important, but so is giving more attention and emphasis on the positive. I think of it as adding glitter to the page. That glitter brings sparkle and attention to something that I want to accentuate.

Let’s have some fun with our notebooks as you learn how-to craft your own PERSONAL affirmation, one that helps focus your thoughts as you navigate through daily negative situations.

A student shared this comment…

“Real Positive Change – Cre8 Reminders© is a process that CHANGES your outlook and then automatically you change what has not been working.”

Let’s craft a New View for 2020 by…..

Let’s craft a New View for 2020 by giving a New View to each of the four areas. What are you willing to accomplish to improve and make life a little better for you? “What the eye sees, the mind can achieve.” Each week will be a different focus and you will create a new vision for that area of your life.

“All About Me” is a tool to add to your Notebook

You are amazing and wonderfully made. Greater knowledge about yourself builds appreciation and confidence. Understanding yourself helps you feel more compassion for others. This week you will learn the Seven Structures of Thinking and discover your amazing unique sequence.

Hush any fears about being creative. I will share video demonstrations and supply you with a new digital download each week for your creative fun.

Save Your Spot Now….

YES! You absolutely should. Achieving goals is a do-able process by ourselves. But when you become part of a group that is wanting a transformation your efforts seem to magnify. There is always greater power in accountability, community, and having support.

Join us if you …

  • believe that change is important for growth and personal development.
  • If you’re looking for tips and techniques that will support your wellbeing, and you are a person who likes to improve yourself, then you’re one of us.

CLosed until March