Cre8 Reminders & A woman with an issue of blood

What is the purpose or benefit of these Cre8 Reminders?  

To list a few…

Cre8 Reminders© is:

  • an intuitive writing technique to process thoughts and emotions for greater clarity.
  • a process to delete thoughts in your subconscious that are creating stress in your life.
  • a way to rewire your mind into a positive state of thinking.
  • personal self-care to support your health
  • lower the stress that contributes to weight gain, lack of productivity, relationship problems, or self-esteem issues.
  • an easy, quick way to achieve goals and visualize your hopes and dreams.

A Gift of Thought – My Signature Process – Cre8 Reminders©

The Bible talks about a woman with an issue of blood, who was healed by touching the Saviors garment. (Luke 8:43 -48) She was told by the Savior that it was her faith that made her whole.

Does that mean that because one is Not spared, healed, or miraculously changed, that their faith is not sufficient enough?   Many of us have asked this question.  There was a moment in my life when I heard of others who had been protected in terrible car accidents, and I asked, “was my faith not strong enough to save our daughter?”  It was through this question that I came to understand this scripture on a greater level.

My belief is that our thoughts are NOT what heals us; however, I, (100%) believe that they affect us.  I believe that we must focus powerfully on what we want and desire; yet, the actual gift of healing comes from the Grace, and power of His Atonement, Jesus Christ.

So what then did she offer?  My thought is that she offered her Willingness to Believe in the Lord, as well as, what she desired. I believe that her faith was grounded in the belief that she would continue, no matter what the outcome was, to hold a thought that she could be healed through Him.

I believe that she knew of His power and that she held firm to this understanding. And whether the healing came or not, her thoughts would not change.  She offered to Him a FIRM MIND and a willingness to take action. So, please understand, Cre8 Reminders is not what creates the transformation.  Our thoughts are but an offering; a desire to be firm of mind in the belief of what we seek.  Cre8 Reminders© is a process that I developed over the years of coaching individuals on how to change their perceptions and thoughts that are creating stress and anxiety.