Track 1 from the Comfort CD

A Gift of Music – Comfort  

Music feeds the soul and offers loving support.

One of the Benefits of Music…….it goes straight to the heart with strong therapeutic abilities.  

4fbf201aa9d0c1c9d37a66870d2a6e30_onhi_nany I believe that all forms of creativity lend a hand in the process of healing, especially music. We share this with you for a short period of time. You may download the first track by filling in the form above.

Please remember,  This music is under copyright protection.  Having access to this page, and this music does not give anyone the right to share this music in any form.

Track 1 from the Comfort CD


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Track 1  Pavane Track 2  A Dying Smile Track 3  Heavens Messengers Track 4 Solar Plexus (Serene Tones) Track 5  Wayfaring Stranger Track 6  Sheep May safely Graze Track 7  Heart (Serene Tones) Track 8  Closing Theme (Serene Tones)

Music guides the mind to escape stress.

Scientific studies have shown that music therapy helps to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety. Music helps to create physiological changes such as improved respiration, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiac output, reduced heart rate, and relaxed muscle tension.

About Gary Freeman

God blessed and answered my 12-year-old goal of marrying someone who could play the piano…I still am amazed at how that worked out. Gary has been blessed to use his gift of music, to not only bless others’ lives but to provide for us his family all these years.   His preferred style is Contemporary Jazz; however, he has played for many artists such as Van Morrison, Bill Withers, Moody Blues, Billy Dean, Stevie Nicks, Andy Williams, Tony Orlando, as well as other wonderful artists in the Branson area.  We now reside in Texas where Gary continues to perform.  His latest original music can be found on iTunes under the name NuJazz Forward