Coaching with Cathy – Positive Motivation by Design

One-on-one coaching will make a Real Positive Change in your life…. a change that can take you from good to great.  It has been my experience that once a person can picture a new possibility then positive change comes much easier.  My coaching calls are meant to help you understand how you can be in control of your mental energy and how that energy is spent.  Let’s get rid of what is creating exhaustion and causing stress in your life.

Our perceptions have a direct link to the type of relationships you build,  your health, your ability to contribute to society, and of course your confidence.  I use a process, Cre8 Reminders© to help my clients change what is stopping progress and reaching their goals.  I teach my clients that the way to achieve any result in their life is through leveraging their mind (thought management) and their heart (emotional attitude).

Schedule a 60-minute Coaching with Cathy session.

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Cost: $70.00