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 1. Coaching  (by phone)

We all have negative experiences that create stress. The question is how are you at navigating through them? Stress is part of life, but pro-long stress is what contributes to illness. In one hour you can create a change of perspective that will give you greater control to lift the mental weight that is robbing your energy.

Due to the current world crisis, I have temporarily lowered my coaching fee to help out during this time of crisis.

60 min coaching fee of $130.00 is lowered temporarily to

$55.00 per session.

(this fee is only good for as long as I have it listed here on my website.)

Appointments are held over the PHONE.

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 My work’s primary focus has been to alleviate the stress that is created from a variety of subconscious perceptions…. thoughts that drive excessive worry and overwhelm. This type of anxiety is not uncommon. Many people have struggled with this for years and no fine that these feelings have replaced their ability to feel happy. Relationships have been affected, self-confidence, and self-worth. Most individuals have resigned their thoughts to….”this is just how my life is going to be.”

I am grateful to have work with many amazing people over these past 18 years.

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The key to eliminating stress/anxiety is to rewire the way your brain is processing information and build strong, positive neuro-pathways (your thoughts). The key is repetition.

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Download digital products for journaling.

Creativity puts you in the FLOW to be productive & pro-active.

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Now you can download digital Cre8 Reminders©

Cre8 Reminders© are more than affirmations.  Each affirmation is crafted with specific words that are written to help you focus on a specific goal and generate more energy in your mind.  That is HOW we get results that stick.

4. Real Positive Change Academy

Now you can learn what I teach right from your own computer. CLOSED AT THIS TIME BECAUSE OF COVID 19