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Download the client packet “Make Yourself a Priority” plan.  I will follow this teaching material during our meeting

Your Daily Plan –

It’s for individuals who want to Live a Life Designed to Succeed on Purpose.

Individuals who want to make the years matter and the days count.

Individuals, like you, who today are ready to trigger self motivation like nothing else.

The Law of Vibration, states that the world around us is in constant motion and everything vibrates on its own frequency.

If we want to listen to music on a radio, we must “tune in” to the station.  There are numerous frequencies from which to choose from, but eventually we find the right station playing the music we most enjoy, and we settle in to listen.

Words too have a frequency created from their meaning that will impact our ability to think clearly.  The ability to think of a solution logically will depend on the level, or frequency of the word that the mind is pondering.

  • Negative words carry a low frequency and tend to trap the mind in a looping process of wanting to find a solution.
  • Positive words carry a high frequency that allow the thought process to move forward, giving a listening ear to promptings and reasoning out a solution.

This is the foundation that my Cre8 Reminders is built upon.  I am excited to teach you how to apply it to your daily chart.

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Example of a Cre8 Reminders© Worksheet.