Monday Mindset

In this section I share information and tips that are helpful for your own self-coaching.

These are excerpts from the complete Coached by Cathy – “Monday Mindset” call that is available to our membership site……



Today the Monday’s Mindset call focused on the Chart “Stress Signatures” that I just posted on my blog. Stress is part of everyones life experience. It is a natural reaction that is experienced both physically and mentally. Stress can come from responsibilities that we have everyday through work, family and even the goals we place …

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“Finding resolve means letting go of the regrets, the “What ifs?”, and the “I should have”‘. “The moment we decide to release those nagging regrets, that is the very moment that the hope of resolve is allowed to emerge.” “Resolve is the ability to find something good, no matter how small, out of a negative …

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Coached By Cathy 8/5/19

The first 15 minutes of of today’s call – Information about the site and the importance of balancing our Right and Left Brain.  God created our minds with its own “checks and balances”… a way to be balanced and peaceful.