Camper #7

My treat for Valentines Day

Treat Yourself Special Today

Today’s Project

This class I am teaching in my membership this month. I love the quote so much that I wanted to share this free-flowing watercolor with you.


I used a 9×12 Watercolor piece of paper.  You can use something smaller.

1. Tape around the edges of your page

2. Draw a large heart on your paper.  Fill up the whole sheet.  I even have one of the edges go off the page.

3. Pull out your watercolors and Follow along with the video.

The Power of Words:

Holidays can often bring up feelings of sadness.

For those who maybe feeling the emotions of grief…

I share something that I wrote a few years ago.

Grief truly is no stranger to any of us.

Creativity… gives each of us our own way to process ALL kinds of emotions.

By Gary Freeman