Camper #6

I find Art Journal to be so relaxing.

Art Journals provide wonderful safe place to play and create.

In this video, let’s Chat for a minute about Mixed Media and the ability to connect into the calm that art has to offer.

Watch as I flip through my art journal and then grab your paints and create this easy…yet relaxing project with me.

Listen as we talk about the power of “focused thought”, combining colors, and other art tips.

A Thought for You.

If you would like to download, see below.

I created this project with watercolors.

Music adds and enhances our level of relaxation when we are doing our art.

I have been blessed to marry a creative soul…my husband Gary has made his life’s career as a musician. I have shared that talent of his with the Art Sisters in my membership.

Here I have pulled a couple of his original pieces for you to enjoy as you relax and doodle your project.

Summer Breezes by Gary Freeman

A Baby’s Nursery by Gary Freeman. Written for Ellie, newest grandchild