Camper 3

Have you ever said this? “I want to try printing papers…but I don’t have a Geli Plate. What can I do?”

Come along as I experiment with other options. I call this my blooper video….

Now, let’s make a Valentine with those printed papers.

Once I moved to full screen the sound stopped. SORRY. You can still see what steps I took.

* I created a collage with the torn painted paper pieces.

*I used my water-soluble crayons to add more color and Gesso to blend the colors and add more of a flow.

*The background was too busy for the heart to stand out. So, I painted-out some of the collage to balance it out. Now when I placed the dollie on, it does not get lost.

*I added the first Dollie with Matt Gell and it took out all of the design in the Dollie, so I glued on another dollie over the top.

*The pencil I am using is a Watercolor pencil. I draw around the heart and then activate the color with plain water. I love to use these because they add a shadow to the work.

*I show you that you can add ribbons, stencil and other items to enhance your card, or keep it simple….your choice.

Thanks with your patience with this video.

There is nothing better than to get a handmade card.

I am sorry about the sound on the video above. Here is a bonus for those who like things that are Vintage. Head over to the camps fire pit and get the downloads for free.

Tomorrow in camper 4, I will show you how I took this paper that I printed and turned it into this art journal page.