Camper 1-a

When I think of Valentines, yummy cookies and chocolate comes to my mind. Today’s surprise is something a bit different. I am going to share with you a favorite recipe that my mother would make during Valentines. And then I have a short video to teach you how you can preserve those family recipes as a piece of art forever.

Love Letters

A recipe that comes from the book Betty Crocker’s Cookie Recipes. It is an adaptation of an old German cookie. Perfect for St. Valentine’s Day entertaining.

Now let’s preserve these recipes with a creative project

I preserved my Grandmother’s cookie recipe, in her handwriting, on an 8×10 size canvas.

Let me show you how.

The steps are easy. First I will teach you in the video how to enlarge your recipe. Then you will transfer it to the canvas and we will finish the project.

February 9th open Glamper #2.

Happy Creating,