Come to Fall Virtual Camp – Find Your Calm

How do you daily...

  • refresh your perspective,
  • fortify a positive mindset,
  • and invigorate an unconquerable heart?

It’s a wonderful time for inspired ways to keep yourself positively charged  

I’m hosting a VIRTUAL FALL CAMP! 

September 18-19 – Come to camp…right from the comforts of your own home.

The event is set up as a virtual camp. Each cabin is focused on a specific topic

Entrance fee only $5.00 till September 16th and $10.00 after. Here is a bonus…. if you use the checkout code 92020 to register before the 16th your cost is FREE

I have created a virtual camp

where you can focus solely on YOU!

Do you welcome a break to take your mind off of the day-to-day grind? Maybe a boost of energy to keep juggling everything going in your life? Perhaps a change in your life is creating feelings of uncertainty and the once clear view in your mind has now become a bit fuzzy. If having a few moments to clear your head would do you a world of good…then this virtual camp is for YOU.

Grab your buddies…

Camps’ primary focus will be centered on efforts you can take to bring wellness to your soul when life gets messy.

I love this quote and have chosen it to be our theme for this camp is…

Virtual Camp Class Presenters:

Join our Camp classes and learn how to...

  • Expand Your Family’s story as you look at your roots.
  • Do you have old family black and white photos? Learn how to digitally enhance and change them to color
  • What are your Creative Rituals?
  • Tips on painting and lettering
  • Words can be medicine
  • Replace your diet with good nutrition
  • Be Calm … and techniques to do just that
  • Give an act of love.

What to expect…

The campsite is interactive. When you click on a cabin a page will open up with lots of choices to pick from.

You will be given a guidebook/journal to download which will help you through the workshops.

Workshops will include:

* Easy techniques add support to your wellness and stop the feeling of overload and stress.

* Guidance to update your daily wellness routine

* Do some time travel and let-go of blocks that have capsulated in your mind

* How-to for keeping track of the Seven unconscious needs that dictate your Happy Barometer.

Each cabin gives you a chance to explore and an opportunity to learn something new, or enjoy talents you are already comfortable with.

What is camp without a theme song?!

So, I asked my talented Honey to write and record something….well I not only got one piece…but 3!!! Here is one to enjoy.

There is even a camp Teepee where you will find uplifting messages to elevate your day and increasing resiliency. Resiliency is the key when it comes to creating what you love best in your life.

Are you interested in getting back to your roots and learning how to write your life story starting with your family history?

Maybe you have old pictures that could be color enhanced?


Begins now – Monday, Sept. 14th.

Early Registration Cost: $5.00 (Keeps out spammers)

General Registration Sept. 14th – Sept. 16th

Cost: $10.00

You can register up till Sept. 16th. Registration closes before midnight USA Central time on Sept. 16th.

***Camp doors will open for campers Thurs, Sept. 17th @ 2:00 pm. Eastern time Campers can cruise the campsite, gather other information, and be ready for the classrooms in each cabin to open early Sept 18th.

Remember this is self-paced and camp is opened to you 24 hours during those two days.

FIRST CLASS begins Sept. 18th

All meetings will be recorded so you will never miss a thing.

Even though camp will have officially ended Sept 19th….I will keep the doors open to you…giving you full access to the camp classes until the doors close Sept. 20th @ 10:00 pm (Central time)

Remember…Everything is online so you can participate at your own convenience during the camp session.

Use the Checkout code 92020 to Register before the 16th and get in FREE.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”