Balancing Basic Needs


#1 Reason most Relationships Fail…. WORN OUT Individuals.

We have all experienced times when our emotional bucket is empty, yet thinking we are the “Ever-Ready Bunny”, we still try to give.  However, the reality is, you feel completely worn out and discouraged.

I don’t know about you, but I did not respond well to the challenge of trying to balance the emotional upsets, while attempting to keep one step ahead of the daily demands from work and family.

We all thrive from 7 basic emotional needs.  Our moods and reactions give clues as to what area is lacking attention.  Daily effort to balance these needs are the foundation of great leadership and innovation.

Let’s talk about the 7 Needs that demand attention.

Also, 6 benefits for developing more compassion for yourself.

  1. You absolutely experience greater happiness.  Happiness means greater health and longer life.
  2. Accomplishing your goals becomes more easy.  Feel true SUCCESS
  3. Develop Resilience.  You now have “bounce-back” that handles life’s Down moments
  4.  Feel way more motivated!!!  “Get that Sizzle back in your step”
  5. Feel more connected with others.  People are drawn to you, because you give them “what they emotionally NEED”.
  6. Express more compassion towards others.

  The key is to meet their need

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