Adventurous Creatives


Project of the Month Club

Art Sisters, you have the opportunity to be awarded badges for participating in our Live meetings, and lessons.

Within each project is an opportunity to improve your skills, while practicing a variety of techniques…and I would love to acknowledge your work and accomplishments.

There is no room in the World of Art for perfectionism.

Think of Art as a pathway to express Ourself, and a journey of doing it uniquely. When one becomes consumed with perfectionism…their work shows it.

So, let yourself be free and explore the projects using your own imagination…What colors would you use? Would you like to try using a different technique to achieve what I have given you?

The sky is the limit…and nothing is stopping you from flying on Eagles Wings !

Remember to Post each of your projects in the private Facebook group so I can acknowledge you.

(Need a quick link to get there? Head on over to the Community Center.)