Attitude is Everything in Problem Solving

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John C. Maxwell once said, “You can make your problems or trials the center of everything you do in life, or a launching pad for a whole new way of looking at life.”

The key is to look beyond your circumstances and see the big picture.  Have an open mind to change always assessing ones attitude and never lose hope.

Creating a new way of responding to a problem has been the key for me.  I have not always been able to change the situation, nor change the other person if one has been involved.  But once I have set my mind to changing the way I view the situation, I have found the problem loses its power over me.  It no longer has such a strong hold on me emotionally.

What is goal setting? And How can setting goals help build a new model?

The definition of goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and time frames.

Setting goals cannot be treated lightly. So much time and effort is usually put into deciding, planning and strategizing.  Yet very little time, or effort is given to ones attitude around the goal desired, or the process in which one must take to accomplish the goal.  Progress will come much faster, when you pay attention to your habits and mindset, becoming aware of any fear or negativity around the steps you must take.  A negative perception that will instantly derail your best efforts of making and keeping your desired goals.

5 Negative habits and thoughts that derail your goal accomplishment

  1. Procrastination – the habit of waiting before you can begin or start something.  You may delay because the moment does not feel right, it is not the first day of the month or year, you do not have all your “ducks in a row”, not dressed right.  This list is endless of all the reasons people come up for why not to start “Right Now”.  Stay clear of this trap and decide NOW.
  2. Waiting for permission, an invitation, a “green light” that gives permission to move ahead.  You are the one who ultimately decides you have permission.  But until you decide that your choice has weight and merit, allow me to give you that permission right now!  You have permission to move forward, to be what you desire to be.
  3. Waiting to be chosen, for someone to ask you to participate.  Good NEWS… You are already chosen!  God is choosing you to play big every day in this game of life.
  4. FEARS….of failing, of succeeding, that you might outshine another, that you might look bad, that you won’t do it right, that you might be embarrassed, that you might change because of your success, that other people will want too much from you, that being successful will change your situation and therefore, change the people you love.  This list is endless as to what fears pop up in the mind.  Fear is just a bunch of words that have been given energy from too much time and focus.
  5. No patience.  The road to success is an up, down and curvy road.  At time you may feel that you are not making progress or moving fast enough.  Change happens in small movements  and sometimes goes unnoticed

All 5 will challenge your best efforts; however, awareness is the key that unlocks your success.  That awareness brings change and helps to build good relationships

4 Remedies to keep you moving forward

  1. Now is the perfect time.  Ponder this old proverb, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  Pick one physical action each day and soon your efforts will produce the result you desired.  The greatest battle is in the deciding.  So decide that NOW is the best time.  And get busy turning your goals turned into a reality.
  2. Self-Care:  Taking some time to give inward, always enhances what is given outward to those around us.   Just as the saying goes, “You cannot give to someone else what you have not, or are not willing to give to yourself.”  Finding the time for ourselves is the challenge, but everyone has time for a bath.  One of my favorite soaks is with these minerals. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to soaking tired and sore muscles.  So remember as you are taking care of others needs, to also give a little to yourself. what you see that others need…..go ahead and give to yourself.
  3. Permission to experience failure and set-backs.  The fear of failing is a huge roadblock for stepping out and taking steps of action.  Remember…. One only knows the exhilarating emotion of true success, because one has experienced the emotional depth of failure.  Failure is just another word for “try again”.
  4. A Conquered Fear is just a fear that is under strong management.  Rather than spending time to fight and conquer your fears….learn strategic moves to manage your fears.
    1. Acknowledge the name of the fear (Fear of success, fear of looking better than someone else, etc.)
    2. Transform the energy by creating a statement that is the opposite of the fear
    3. Focus on that new transformed thought and idea.
    4. Act in every possible way that says “I believe this to be true”.

The  key is to re-wire the brain, and one of the ways to do that is with affirmations.

What are Affirmations?


A powerful tool you can use is affirmations…..these are statements which focus on something positive, that may or may not be happening right now.   Non the less, these positive words give the mind a direction, a positive picture to bring into focus, rather than the negative one that has grabbed the minds attention.

List of Affirmations – Yours Free

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Today’s affirmation: “I see my challenge as a launching pad to create a strong new positive view of life

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So an important take-away is…..Attitude is everything. – So when You begin to tell yourself that you can’t do something….remember this sweet face. 

This came through my email…I am sorry I do not know this young man.  But he, like so many others are inspirations!  
Have you ever seen a more beautiful smile than this one?  Our attitude toward life defines not only who we are, but the quality of life we will have.

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