Art Time

It’s Christmas time…let’s make some art.

Bubble Art


  1. This can be messy….doing it outside or in the garage maybe best.
  2. Start out pouring in very little water so that the color is not thinned out too much. You want it thin enough to blow bubbles but not too thin so that the color is too pale.

Let’s Make a Snake

Broccoli Tree


Paper, crayons, broccoli spear, craft paint (colors for the leaves)

The Doodle Noodle Flowers


Construction paper for background

Crayons, Glue & Spiral noodles

Yummy Summer Ice Cream


Shaving cream, Crayons, (1) sheet of Colored paper & (1) sheet white copy paper, glue, throw-away cup for mixing glue and shaving cream, plastic spoons or knives

Wacky Bird Family for Charlotte & Niles

Supply List

A couple of pieces of paper 81/2 x 11

Pencil with eraser


Black marker

Supply List & Download

Download the fish on 81/2 x 11 copy paper. Scale it to fit the whole page just like the picture.

Color Markers OR Crayons