Art Journaling

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Design an Art Journal

Capture your thoughts and ideas creatively. 

Art Journaling is a simple process that inspires confidence and greater happiness.

Art Journaling is a simple process of expressing emotions and thoughts, both written and visual.  Your Art Journal is a place for creativity, and a space for exploration of ideas and wonderment.

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Through art you can plan, dream and record your goals.  And when you find yourself stuck figuring out a situtation, journaling will allow the mind to creatively find a solution.

Art journaling is Expressive journaling which comes in many shapes, sizes and formats. (Below is a sampling of a handmade “fold-out” book.

20140516_063928It is a place to hold all of your treasured experiences and favorite words …..  It is about Creating Reminders that will bring back the joyful moments of life.20140516_065531






More Pictures of Hand Painted Journals