Art Journal – Sweet February

I had a great time spending time with you. Here is a recap of our Pop-Up Paint Party

Suggested Supplies

Watercolor paper (140lb weight.) – cut to the size of 53/4 width x 71/2 height.

Watercolor: (shades will vary according to the brand) Basic colors to have. Light Avocado Green, Dark Avocado Green, Orange /or Tangerine, Magenta (hot pink), Turquoise.

Gold paint (optional – Deco Art Metallic Acrylic paint)

Mixing tray (you can also use the tray lid of your watercolors)

Black permeant fine tip marker

Graphite tracing paper if you want to use the pattern provided.

pencil or fine tip pen to trace the pattern

Painters tape – to secure your paper

jar of water

Brushes: Small round tip brush (#4 or smaller), Medium round tip brush #5, & a large round tip #10. The small brushes are the most important if you choose to only purchase one.

***Might have an hair dryer close on hand to help dry the paint.


Wishing you a wonderful day of expressing your creative self and cultivating wellness.