February – Floral Doodle

This video was created during an epic snow storm; therefore, the video is not the best quality. However, you can see everything and hear all the instruction just fine. Enlarge each video to see the details of what I am teaching you.

Creating this video took a little over 3 hours. I broke the instruction down into (3) 1-hour sections giving you the option to watch it in small chunks of time.

First section is the creating and outlining of the design

Second section is watercoloring the flowers and background.

Third section is watercoloring the leaves and adding details and finishing touches.


Basic watercolor set. ( I used hot pink, orange, yellow/orange, deep yellow, olive green, light blue, or Turquoise, for my colors)

Black marker: Fine tip, Ultra Fine tip

Paper: 7×10 watercolor paper or multi-media paper.

White highlight marker or white acrylic paint applied with fine tip brush

Brushes: Round tips – #12, & fine round tip.