A Picture made of WORDS

A picture made from words.

Years ago, I have gone to visit a lonely women a few times. I did not know her…I was simply following a prompting from the Lord to reach out. After the passing of our daughter Aimee, this woman, who I had only seen a few times, showed up at my door and gifted me with this piece of art.

She had very little money, and struggled with an ongoing mental illness. I was confused at why she would be giving me something so precious. Her response was…. “She wanted to give me something that she had created, which came from her heart.” That day I received a gift that I will forever cherish…this Beautiful picture of the Savior.

To my surprise…. there are NO lines anywhere on this piece. It is completely created with words.

It is actually the verses from John in the Bible. It is huge! We have it hanging over our fireplace so it can be seen every day.

Fun Project – Fill In the Picture

Fill in the image by writing Your Favorite Verses of scriptures about the Savior

2 Examples: