My Favorite way to relax and unravel my thoughts

Hello friend,

⏰ Feeling a bit frazzled? I have a brief message for you and my hope is that it brings you a bit of emotional nourishment just like a cozy warm blanket…or soft wool sweeter. 

Whether emotionally you’re living on a high right now with so many great things happening in your life, or whether your in a funk… feeling stuck and anxious because things are not moving in the direction you are wanting them to go, OR somewhere in the middle….my hope is to enliven your feeling of trust and recommitment in self care and what that looks like for you. 

⏰ If you have spent a minute with me, or looked me up on Facebook or instagram, you would know that I am a big proponent for self-care. And not because it is trendy, but because it’s the doorway to appreciating and caring for this mortal body and mental faculties that God has given to us. However, the benefit is not for us alone. A natural consequence to our personal self-care is the ability to really see one another, to becoming more in-tune and capable of enjoying a richer experience of living. 

So, the message I share with you today…is A MESSAGE that I have recently given to myself.

❣️ “Don’t just exist – BE ALIVE!

(As a Gift of Gratitude for you…. 🎁 Click here to download free the poster above.)

Make it a practice to experience each day THROUGH your six senses + your heart. 

Stop and really SEE with your eyes what is around you.

TUNE your ears to more than the sound of traffic, and other irritating noises

FEEL what it really feels like when you are around someone or something that is important to you.


That is easier said than done. All to often we go to automatic…taking care of all that needs to get done.

But here is something to remember….

❣️ We Get to Choose What We Focus On – and What We Focus On EXPANDS Into What We Experience.

One of my FAVORITE way to relax and unravel my thoughts is in the form of an Art Journal. My art journal is a journal filled with perfect, beautiful pieces of art….as a matter of fact, I do alot of doodles. I am a visual learner and so I find visual ways of expressing what I am feeling and learning.

Recently I watched a favorite crafter show how to make a cute paper Tree. 

While making the project, I thought…”this would be a neat journaling page. I could have the sections of the tree open up and write something inside of each section.”

And that is exactly what I did. When I showed my husband the tree, instantly he named it The Wishing Tree…my new title for this journaling page.

❣️ You will see my Wishing Tree in this quick 2 minute 🎥 video as well as other examples of journaling page ideas.  FUN FACT: Gary, my husband created this fun, whimsical music. A crazy, twist and turn from the Sugar Plum Fairy.

I have posted the video of Instructions for The Wishing Tree page for the members of The Adventurous Creatives

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