What was I waiting for?

April 3, 2019 Journaling my Spark Of Inspiration – Time to Stop Waiting

What was I waiting for?

There it was again, that feeling of WAITING. But what was I waiting for?

Do you love , as much as I do, those clarifying moments when you see life a little different? When your perception comes into focus, and you realize you had been looking at, once again, in a way that is no longer truth for you.

I have felt this feeling in my life, that I am “waiting for something”. I remember as a teenager saying to myself, “when I get older, I will…”. Or, as a young mother with six active, little ones, I remember saying to myself, “when they are old enough that I have time for myself, I will….”. Even now as I have reached those life markers, and then some, there is still this lurking feeling of WAITING….

Even just yesterday, I felt that same feeling of “waiting”, flood over me again. This time, however, I put “Self In The Chair”, and asked…..”what is this feeling of waiting about?”

What was I waiting for?

This morning the answer, and my Spark of Inspiration, came while journaling.

An answer that resonated in my mind……

“For YOU to KNOW you are safe to express yourself, to realize I’ve got your back…I always have. I’ve simply been patiently waiting, for you to silence the inner critic. To acknowledge yourself and the Real impact, and Positive influence of your talent for instilling love and confidence. And how these gifts God has given you, has influence others for greater Change.”

The Power of Journaling

I have gone through phases in my life where I would sit down, and allow myself to put my thoughts down on paper. But, those moments have been sporadic, windows of time. Finding an excuse to not be consistent in keeping a journal, was easy to justify in my hectic schedule.

I was comfortable, and loved, watching the work of others. I enjoyed watching them share their talents to express hope and inspiration.

Below are a few examples of others who’s creative work I find inspiring.

The artwork of this young woman, Christine My Linh, is very refreshing and for me, truly inspiring…. I found on her website a quote from an endearing characters’ words of wisdom….“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” ~ Rikki Rogers

Interested in how to set up a Bullet Journal? Amanda Rach Lee offers detail instruction in this video. I find her illustrations cheery and motivating…

Sharing has never been a problem for me either. But I had to feel comfortable with whom I was offering my talents. Never once did the thought cross my mind, that staying in this small zone of comfortable connection, was a fear that was keeping me protected from my inner critic. If you don’t put yourself out there where there is risk of negative reviews, you never have to hear those inner thoughts tell you…’I told you so.”

Today, I realized, I have not enjoyed this practice of recording inspiration nearly enough. Gifting, myself the time to journal my thoughts, gives me a moment to evaluate if I have fallen out of sync with my own personal needs.

I clearly see the practice of journaling becoming an added bonus to my personal routine. An archive for recording the Cre8 Reminders©. In the years to come I can look back, and see what words became pivotal forces to Energize my thoughts and Engage my actions.

Give Honor to Your Thoughts

Choosing to record and honor my thoughts has been stopped over the years by a mindset that viewed journaling as, “time consuming and BORING.” Recently I have gained a new opinion, as I witness artistic expression, rolling out before my eyes, on the pages of the internet.

I have seen beautiful spreads in planners, created from stickers to watercolors, pens or paper. I see illustrations, doodles, and sketches of emotions and events recorded in calendars. No matter what choice of materials or process is used, each is an Artisan, choosing their own way to express and create.

So today I applaud and stand ready and excited, to join the community of delightful day-keepers and Life-recorders.

I have come over to the “light” side, and correct my perception. I now give journaling a new image in my mind, as a way of creating fun. It will become a place to record my Sparks of Inspiration. A cherished book that houses visual reminders to help enforce what I choose to create in my life. Basically, in a nut shell, A Simple, Transforming, POSITIVE, REMINDER.

It’s your turn to share with me. What my friend, has been a positive moment of clarity for you? Do you keep a journal?

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