Give A Month of Positivity

Are you like me and love sending someone a little sunshine to brighten their day?

I’ve made it easy to celebrate, acknowledge, and even send encouragement to someone, with a Month of Positivity (30 days)

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Give a gift that inspires, motivates, and reminds someone for the next 30 days, that they are thought of and cherished.

PEOPLE LOVE TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED… and here is an easy way to let them know you care.

For less than what it costs in postage stamps to send a month’s worth of messages, you can send them a “Month of Positivity” as a way of celebrating, encouraging, and letting them know that they’re important to you.

“Month of Positivity” is a way of boosting one’s mental fitness

Repetition of positive words is what creates mental fitness. By intentionally repeating the statements that are sent you are infusing your mind with thoughts that will lift you mentally. This process of creating mental fitness is what keeps you positive, happy, and filled with energy & motivation.

Mental Fitness starts with repeating strong, positive statements over & over throughout the day. This repeating process builds a new thought pathway that becomes stronger than your current thoughts and will encourage your brain to delete the old negative perceptions that are being held in your subconscious.

What will the gift include?

Once a day a text message will show up on their phone.

On the 2nd week, we will send to your recipient by mail an envelope with an easy tip to encourage self-care. Everyone loves getting things in the mail!

Here are the current categories:

The picture will be the actual digital card that will be sent through text announcing that you are giving them a gift and asking them to follow the instructions to begin the service.

Celebrating a Birthday

Something for an Upcoming holiday

Encouragement & Acknowledgement

Thinking of You

Special Occasions (Achievements, etc.)

Celebrate Recovery & Progress.

The Unspoken Pain – lifting sadness & grief

Anniversaries…& more.

Give a gift that keeps giving for the next 30 days

A gift of wellness – start each day with a digital statement to encourage mental fitness.

Each statement is created from words that have a high-frequency value. High-frequency words build confidence and have the potential to prepare your mind to be on track with your dreams and goals each day.

Yes, I would love to send this program to someone. How do I get started?

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