qu945-d4313401-d637-4cb5-999f-b696dad495a2-v2The thought of earning, and making money can bring up a boat load of fears and negative beliefs such as…..



What will gaining and having money do to me mentally and emotionally?
What will having money do to other people I love?
Will there always be enough money?
Will I make the right choices with the spending of money?
Am I really worthy to have money?  Do I have what it takes?

“Grow & GLOW” time

Each morning I have a ritual which I call my “Grow & GLOW” time.  This morning I took extra time to not only read an article in a Christian Magazine, the Ensign, but to really dive deep into it’s content in an attempt to glean from the message, to study, and find personal application.  The article was about Making money, or Making a Living and I have to say, I loved, loved, LOVED IT!!!!!    Here is the link, I think you will enjoy it too.

 Link for Making a Living, Making a Life   http://www.lds.org/ensign/2013/12/making-a-living-making-a-life?lang=eng#listen=audio

What are your thoughts about earning money?   Do you have any hesitations?  Worries?

Your personal perceptions (thoughts) formulate your actions….whether they move you along the waters toward success, or leave your stalled in the harbor.   

Would you be Interested in some of my own personal insights from the reading?

First off, The author states “Pride can exist only in an environment of competition and comparison”; and environment created once an individual begins to “multiply and replenish” or in other words, moves into a state where there are positions and a way of earning material things.   He states that Satan works through this state of pride – competition and comparison, subjecting us to the temptation to “keep up with the neighbors…coveting, jealousy, envy, selfishness, or any other sins that feed on pride.”

Feelings of competition when it is coupled with comparison

I have struggled with the feelings of competition when it is coupled with comparison….that feeling of “I have to make the mark, be what is expected of me (at least my perception of what is expected of me) be worth/ or perfect enough to even expect to receive payment.  But, I never made the connection between holding myself back in my career, as a fear of facing Satan’s strategies.

I would equate this to the perception that a children takes on when they are fearful of what another kid “might” do.  Like going down the other side of the road just so you don’t have to walk right past them.  Avoidance is a huge procrastinating exercise.  “I will get to ‘that project’ later because I could get hurt or offended in the process”.  “I might even look stupid to other people.” “Do I think I am capable for making money in this type of job?”

Ok it’s time to pull up your boot straps and talk the walk!  Here is a meditation exercise to get your attitude in alignment with your goals.  

Making Money is Self-Reliance, so here is a mediation to align your thoughts and attitude.

Attitude Alignment Meditation :  Take in a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  With each in breath image that your own soul is building a shield of courage.  That you have the courage to connect your will with God’s will, stepping up to a higher feeling of power.  Feeling your heart and mind connecting to an ability to act strong rather than react in fear.  Begin to acknowledge that you have your needs met and that you are willing, and able to meet others needs.  It is as if a light has been turned on in your mind.

Focus on these Thoughts and actions:  Each day have a daily purpose.  Take a moment to view the situation clearly.  To think through your actions and choices.  Begin each day with a clear picture of daily responsibilities, willing to take immediate and positive change.

Anther insight ….Was this my fear of failure hidden under a cover of “not knowing what I really wanted to do?”

Subconsciously I felt it was safer to stay small, and slightly insignificant,  than to move ahead and face those temptations placed before me and risk the possibility of failing. “Can I really do it?”  Sounds a little strange, I know.  But the subconscious mind has us believing some pretty strange stories.

Thought to replace this type of perception: “I am living in God’s abundance, rich, robust, and fulfilling.  I am worth prosperity.  It is given for the betterment of my family and others.  I am generous and and good steward of what I acquire.”  “I BELIEVE and have a healthy living wish to live and give in life completely.  To know that I AM SOMEONE who is AMAZING.  I listen to inspiration and I am capable of creating great change for myself and others.”

I only have “so much time left”, I must make the RIGHT choice.

Second, I chose to believe that I must make a “perfect choice” pertaining to my career.  I have struggled with designing the details and creating a clear plan.  I couldn’t understand what was really holding me up?  Now I realize my thoughts and actions, not intentionally, have been more focused on a fear of “NOT making a mistake, rather than realizing the power I have to make a course correction at any time.

Writing this blog definitely opened a clear understanding, of how I have viewed my entrepreneurial journey up to this point.  I have seen it, as one who is about to embark on a long trip, feeling the burden of choosing the right ship that will keep me safe. (Interesting insight)  Obviously, I have been projecting my journey to be constantly filled with rocky waves and turbulent storms.  Somewhere along the way I forgot that life is filled with joy and happiness.  In my attempts to respond to these choices as a responsible adult, I became to focused on the “what if’s”, filling my days with heaviness and worry.

I had lost the child-like wonderment that ignites each opportunity and experience with rays of sunshine.  I am now ready to bring the “fun” back.

Attitude Alignment Meditation:  With each deep intake of breath think these thoughts:  “I have a ZEST for LIFE.  I have a clear picture of me feeling safe to be what ever I dream to be.  I am capable and safe to live up to my full potential.  I have a magnetic personality that connects people.  I am motivated, self-loving with  a gift of expression.  Self-disciplined, shining my light , and willing to live a life of the Believers.”  “Let go, and Let God’, having effectiveness, fortitude, and power.  Standing as an example , confident to use my talents.”

Click here and listen to one of my audios – shared with you as a gift to nourish a Glowing change


Comment below and let me know what beliefs have formed a huge, or even a small barrier in your progress?

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Katie · February 1, 2014 at 2:21 am

It’s like you were writing out my precise feelings and thoughts! I haven’t been able to put my finger on what’s been holding me back in my business until now. It’s definitely been a fear of failure lurking behind a hefty dose of procrastination and perfectionism. It seems I won’t let myself move forward until EVERYTHING is perfect. All my t’s are crossed and my i’s are dotted because heaven forbid someone think that I don’t know what I’m talking about or I portray my business in a less than perfect state! I appreciate your insight that I can make a course correction at ANY time. That’s okay. Now to begin with my new realization…

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