Power to Succeed – Thought Frequencies

  I was 15 years old, just moved to a new school and I thought I might like to try out for the track team. Never having this type of experience before, I was not sure what to expect.  I missed the day of tryouts due to illnesss; however, the coach still allowed me to tryout by myself the day I returned to school.  Out of the gym he sent me with one of the older students to take my score. As I … Continue reading Power to Succeed – Thought Frequencies

Are you mistaking Peace as a “Flat line” in life?

In the medical profession, to flat line is the absence of brainwaves or heart beat;…to die.  It is also to be in a state of no progress or advancement. Recently while having lunch with a dear friend, she openly spoke of the stress and anxiety that she had been feeling over the last several months.  She shared with me her fear for her grandchildren, who were surrounded by drugs and promiscuous living.  Tears began to well-up in her eyes from … Continue reading Are you mistaking Peace as a “Flat line” in life?

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is everything. – You can’t do what? This came through my email…I am sorry I do not know this young man.  But he, like so many others are inspirations! Have you ever seen a more beautiful smile than this one?  Our attitude toward life defines not only who we are, but the quality of life we will have.        Anything bugging you today? Doesn’t seem so bad anymore, does it? “Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but … Continue reading Attitude Is Everything

Nothing Great Was Achieved Without Enthusiasm

Successful Day?  Wow…..There are times when I feel that my efforts are doing nothing but causing me to run in circles.  It seems that the harder I try to focus my efforts, the further away I feel  from my goal.  Do you ever get that feeling?  After several days of feeling tired and exhausted, I begin to lose sight of what I was trying to achieve in the first place.  That’s when those big questions start appearing….Am I really cute-out … Continue reading Nothing Great Was Achieved Without Enthusiasm

Creating Magic

Who is not charmed by the atmosphere of magic created by a company, whose popular location found in Florida, is about the size of San Francisco, or twice the size of Manhattan.  With 25,000 acres filled with 32 hotels, hundreds of dining and retail locations, four major theme parks, a sports and recreation complex, a shopping and entertainment village, and 167 miles of roadway.  It has been said to be the largest single-site employer in the world.  It employees around … Continue reading Creating Magic

Your Creative Ideas are Gold

Vince Lombardi, NFL Hall of Fame Coach made this statement, “The joy is in creating, not maintaining.” Hmmm, the joy is in creating…..I ask myself, “what does that really mean?”   All too often when I think of the word creative, or creating, out flows a list of creative people such as, Michelangelo, Leonardo De Vinci, the music group Chicago, etc.; I use to consider creativity to be an expression of art and music. However, more and more I am finding that creating has … Continue reading Your Creative Ideas are Gold

Do you want Good Customer Service OR a Robot.

 Just this week I witnessed an employee from a nation-wide company, respond to us as customers in a way that I would describe as a robot, as he tried to explain the information on a product that my mother was wanting to purchase.  There were four of us present attempting to understand the details.  He was asked over and over questions in an attempt to decipher what he was attempting to tell us.  But because he was delivering the information in a memorized script manner, (what … Continue reading Do you want Good Customer Service OR a Robot.

Start with One Action a day

Setting goals is something you do not treat lightly.  Much time and effort is usually put into deciding, planning and strategizing.  Progress will come much faster, when you pay attention to the habits and mindsets that will instantly derail your best efforts of making and keeping your desired goals.       Procrastination – the habit of waiting before you can begin or start something.  You may delay because the moment does not feel right, it is not the first day … Continue reading Start with One Action a day

Engaging leaders

It is every company’s goal to produce an excellent product that satisfies their market and guarantees customer loyalty. However, the quickest way to kill a company’s positive status in their customer’s eye, is an encounter with a negative or disgruntled employee; one who cares very little about the progress of the company, nor are they interested in expanding their level of performance. Their chief concern is to show up, do the tasks required with no thoughts of building a team … Continue reading Engaging leaders

That’s the Goal

 I had just finished my morning workout and was on my way out of the gym door when I heard the lady at the desk pleasantly shout, “Have a Great Day” to the woman who was a few steps ahead of me.  This was not an uncommon exchange of words for us each morning, yet this morning was different.  The answer from the woman in front of me caused me to stop and ponder.  Her response was, “That’s the Goal!”  … Continue reading That’s the Goal

I want the Fairytale Ending

I want the fairytale ending….don’t you? In my coaching business many clients come, asking me to “Fix” their husband or child.  They have tried to find a solution but are now at  a breaking point, because of the struggles that have come into their life.  My heart goes out to them with total understanding of what they are feeling. The reality is, no one can “fix” another person, unless they want to be “fixed”.   I have found it far better, and longer lasting, … Continue reading I want the Fairytale Ending

Help, It wasn’t suppose to turn out this way

Why do we find another’s deep emotional outburst funny?  I am not saying “wrong or right”….my concern focuses more on the level at which we laugh at another’s pain.  Call this “standing on my soap box” (love that term, I think it came from England)  Anyway, I write this in response to a video I saw on facebook. (Side note: Unable to find the direct link, I had to use his page) Post by James Ellis.   Here is the situation: … Continue reading Help, It wasn’t suppose to turn out this way

Winning the Chocolate War ..& breaking other bad habits

Taken Hostage Have you ever had a habit take you hostage blinding your awareness to what was really happening?   My love for chocolate had become a deep obsession.  Often I would laugh and jokingly say, “I love chocolate so much that I can not live without it.” One evening I sat visiting with a friend talking over the importance of eating healthy.  My comment went something like…I can eat healthy and do without a lot of unhealthy food, but I can’t live without … Continue reading Winning the Chocolate War ..& breaking other bad habits